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gentelmans facial.png

Treat your skin and awaken your senses. This rejuvenating European facial will be fully customized to meet your skincare needs and concerns. To de-stress the body and soul, a relaxing hand, and arm massage is included in the treatment.  Our Signature Facial includes steam, exfoliation, extractions and a personalized mask to compliment your specific skin care needs. You will leave refreshed, nourished and relaxed.

1 hr

Premium signature facial.png

Everything you love about the Signature Facial with a whole lot of extra skin benefits. Take your skin treatment to the next level with a LED serum infusion and speciality Hydro Jelly Mask. Products and serums are carefully selected to suit your skin’s needs and address your skin concerns.

1 hr

Premium signature facial.png

Similar to our Signature Facial, removing stress and tension, this facial utilizes products designed for a man’s complexion.

1 hr


Microdermabrasion is all about results! Surface skin is polished painlessly without irritation revealing softer, younger skin. Perfect for those seeking to minimize acne scaring, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Finished with an individualized mask, your skin will leave nourished and hydrated. Face, neck and décolletage are included in this treatment. Extractions can be added for an additional charge. For best results, a treatment series is recommended.

1 hr

acne facial.png

This clinical acne facial is designed to immediately treat excess oil and superficial blemishes. This treatment includes extra steaming to aid in deep pore cleansing and extractions. A customized mask for acne and oil control will be applied. Perfect for teens and blemished skin.

1 hr

chest or back fac ial .png

Dedicated to the beauty and purification of your back or chest. This therapeutic treatments draws out impurities to thoroughly cleanse and correct those hard to reach areas. Treatment includes a customized deep cleanse, intensive exfoliation and extractions, relaxing massage and calming mask.


Add Microdermabrasion $120

Add Customized Peel $100

45 min

Peels & Advanced Treatments.png

post peel kit included with treatment purchase

Peels & Advanced Treatments
enzyme peel.png

1 hr

A blend of pumpkin, papaya, pineapple and mango. This non-chemical peel naturally rebalances, regenerates and restores with soothing botanicals using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. Safe for pregnancy and breast feeding. Combine this treatment with microdermabrasion for the ultimate maintenance treatment leaving your skin glowing and balanced. 


Peel + Microdermabrasion $135

enzyme peel.png

1 hr

This results-driven, 4-layer treatment will change the image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C alpha and beta hydroxy acids, plus gentle yet effective enzymes speed up the cellular turnover: lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types. This gentle yet effective treatment is an amazing first treatment in our peel/lift series. Excellent for all skin types including redness prone skin.

glycolic peel.png

1 hr

An ultra-resurfacing glycol and retinol treatment that exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier. Visibly reduced the appearance of fine lines

lightneing peel .png

1 HR

This mega-lightening treatment gently blends lactic acid and a cocktail of lightening and brightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots, and redness.

acne peel.png
perfection peel .png

1 hr

An alpha and beta-hydroxy cocktail. This outstanding resurfacing treatment has a dual benefit.. It reduces and treats moderate acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin.

1 hr


Pretreatment is required for this peel

A blend of salicylic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid in combination with powerful antioxidants, correcting peptides and plant derived stem cells for maximum effective skin resurfacing.

Best results seen in a series

1 hr

This powerful facial stimulates collagen and instantly provides a lift and plump to the skin. The main ingredient in this treatment is Argireline which is a property found in BOTOX. Your face will instantly feel tighter and will have a more contoured appearance. This treatment targets: expression wrinkles and lines, large pores, intensive fine lines, visible signs of aging, and loose skin

botox facial.png
Illuminating Anti-Aging Facial.png

1 hr

This ultimate facial incorporates the newest technology in modalities and features the NanoFusion Pen. The Nanopen works by micro-stamping the skin with a pharmaceutical grade microcrystalline chip, opening the skin's channels and allowing the delivery of pure active ingredients. This treatment will trigger collagen production, creating tighter, brighter more plumped skin with zero downtime. Specialty mask included.

LEF light therapy .png
LED addon.png

15 MIN

This quick 15 minute add on is perfect during any facial service offered at Skin Haven

LED Treatment.png

35 min

This 35 minute stand alone treatment includes a cleanser and ends with a custom serum & moisturizer 

LED package.png

12 sessIONS

Done two times per week for 6 weeks in 35 minute sessions. ($900 Value)



The perfect end to any treatment. This stimulating massage technique inspired by Eastern medicine will leave you glowing. In a nutshell, this cold roller helps eliminate puffiness and inflammation. The roller massages the lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs just below the skin that helps to rid the body of toxins and waste.

jade roller.png
lip treatment.png

Help soften your lips and rejuvenate for a plump, youthful appearance with this 3-step treatment. Lips are gently exfoliated, followed by an extra rich masque to hydrate and finished with our Oremdic balancing lip enhancement complex.


eye lkift treatment.png

Antioxidants tighten, lightening and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes. The Jade Roller is also utilized in this treatment to reduce eye puffiness.


extra extractions.png

Image Skincare Enhancer can be mixed with all Image masques, serums and crèmes to customize and optimize results. An Enhancer will be applied to the face, neck, and chest. A customized enhancer will be chosen based on your skincare needs and concerns. Available Enhancers: Stem Cell Enhancer, Anti-Oxidant Enhancer and Retinal Enhancer


An extra dose of deep pore cleansing


Hydro Jelly Mask.png

Finish your treatment with a luxurious hydrojelly mask to hydrate, plump and rejuvenate the skin




Brow Tweeze

upper Lip 


Under Arm 




  cheeks, side burns,

  chin and lip








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